A healthy amount of bone tissue in your jaws is needed to give your face the right shape and volume, allow you to eat and speak as you should, and support your smile. Your jaw can lose bone tissue through a number of causes.

The root of your tooth exerts pressure on your jawbone when you bite or chew. That pressure strengthens the bone and preserves the health and strength of your jaw. If a tooth is lost through tooth decay, gum disease, trauma or extraction, the root is no longer there to provide that pressure, and the bone in that area will begin to deteriorate or resorb. Although a denture or bridge can replace missing dentition, those treatments do not restore the tooth root. If gum disease is left untreated, it can affect the integrity of the jaw. This may lead to loose or even lost teeth. If you lack a sufficient amount of bone tissue, our oral surgeons may suggest a bone graft or a sinus lift to restore the mass and health of your jaw and prepare you for a dental implant.

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